A regular activity in Ramsey on a Thursday

Ramsey Choral Society

Ramsey Choral Society at Ramsey Junior School is a recurring local activity.


organised by

Ramsey Choral Society


being held at

Ramsey Junior School


This activity starts at 19.30 and is scheduled to end around 21.30


Meeting to practice the music for the next planned concert. There is a short break in the rehearsal for notices and socialising. Members bring their own cold drinks. Music is borrowed from the County library and lent to members. Members take their music away and practise it if they can. Rehearsal CDs may be available. Before a concert the final Thursday rehearsal will be in the concert venue and there is also a rehearsal on the afternoon of the concert. Members are expected to attend as many rehearsals as they can. Once or twice a year we have a 'Singing Saturday' to give a more concentrated rehearsal time.

We meet only during term time. If you wish to join us just turn up at one of our meetings.


Ramsey Choral Society is held every Thursday at Ramsey Junior School and school term time only through the year

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