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During April of 1327 Edward III in his first year of his reign visited Ramsey along with his mother and Roger Mortimer. The towns people took the opportunity to complain to their monarch of the abbot’s treatment, even going as far as to call him a traitor. They accused him of taking a large part of the treasure of Hugh Le Despenser, who had recently been hung. They challenged the abbot’s right to the market of Ramsey. They also said that the abbot had unjustly withhold the towns folk from their common rights and other liberties. The Abbot appealed to the Bishop of Ely to support him in his appeal to the King against these charges. This sort of  rebelling was not an uncommon thing at this time. They rebelled against the power of the church, tithes and taxes. The government supported the church in its claims, but there were widespread riots and some bloodshed. There was no bloodshed in Ramsey but for the same reason there was bloodshed in  St Ives. The abbots accusation about the treasure of  Hugh Le Despenser might have been one of the reason for the town’s omission from the Doomsday Book.